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Listen to Learn delivers innovative Bible resources and tools to church leaders in neglected areas of East Africa.

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Travelling to Africa didn't save us from having to push our car out in the winter... oh the glamour of mission... [link] 2015.02.11 10:54 AM
It’s been said (and echoed by our African colleagues), that the church in Africa today is a mile wide and an inch... [link] 2015.02.08 7:25 AM
Question: What does Listen to Learn do exactly? Answer: Listen to Learn teaches African pastors and lay... [link] 2015.02.03 10:58 AM
When was the last time you heard John Piper teach on "Desiring God" in Swahili? Exactly - click here for a short... [link] 2015.02.01 7:04 AM
When was the last time you listened to something that changed your life? That's the secret sauce in L2L - life... [link] 2015.01.31 8:57 AM
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