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About Our Students

Half of our students are pastors.

Others are youth leaders, women's leaders, evangelists, children's teachers.

A third of our students are women.

Education levels are all over the map, from university graduates to illiterates.

Meet a few of our students

Jamin WaswaJamin Waswa
Jamin Waswa is pastor of a church too small and poor to support him. So every day he works as a hawker - trying to sell articles to drivers along Kenya's busy roads. He's usually too tired to do much at night, but rises at 4 a.m. to get his study in before leaving for his day's work. "It has been very good for me, because I am one person who has never been in another bible college since I started pastoral work."

Susan KavezaSusan Kaveza
Susan Kaveza works in a government office and is wife to Pastor John Tela, our Site Captain at Matunda. As one practical response to the teaching they were listening to, the two of them realized their church was doing little in mercy ministry. So they started a service to widows in their area that is thriving. "Listen to Learn is really encouraging, it will nourish us spiritually, and it will enable us to be a blessing to the entire world."

John GarangJohn Garang
John Garang is from South Sudan but living now in Kenya. He pastors a congregation - and also runs an home for 94 Sudanese orphans. "I feed the other people from the word I get from the iPod."

Mary MateboMary Matebo
Mary Matebo, working mother, says, "There are so many things I didn't know, but right now I know."

Paul OtwomaPaul Otwoma
Paul Otwoma, a pastor who must also work as a teacher to put food on the table but looks forward to the time when his "church will be mature" so he can pastor fulltime. He thinks about the possible coming times when the church in Kenya may face persecution, and says this of Helen Roseveare, one of our teachers who endured great trials in DRC and describes them in the series "Stir Me": "Dr. Roseveare - she really touched my life as she was talking about her experiences in Congo."


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