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We start with our L2L Library, a resource bank of audio teaching for pastors in their own heart languages. (See Our Library section for more.) These digital audio files are loaded on to Micro-SD cards and gathered together into a library box. The memory cards, one for each semester's content, slide into an MP3 player and turn it into a veritable Hyde Park Corner of discipleship training.

You may wonder how hard it is to bring our students up to speed on the tech? Easy - most of the work has been done for us, as the controls are close to the mobile phones the majority already use. They even look like them - we sometimes see students holding them up to their ear out of habit, even though their ears are full of earbud.

Once trained in use and care of the equipment, students return to their homes with their pocket-sized tutors. They can listen and learn without leaving their families, still caring for their churches and/or holding their jobs. Over the next four months they study regularly.

Every four months, a team of mentors from Listen to Learn Ministries (Kenya) visit for a day-long conference. Students' progress is evaluated, new content is introduced, and all mutually encourage each other. We call the events Reloads, as we reload both the audio content of their players and their motivation.

Eight semesters like that, each four months of self-study and a Reload, constitute our Certificate Program.


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