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Founder and Academic Dean
Bill Fitch - Former prof of English lit, school principal, and technology consultant to schools. Now retired (?) and able to pursue a blend of all three.

African Leadership
Chair of L2L Kenya Board,
Leadership Recruitment Director

Francis Ranogwa - Pastor, church planter, now Presiding Bishop of Assemblies of Christ Evangelical Holiness Church

L2L Kenya Board member, Operations Director,
Translation Services Manager

Henry Wedende - Pastor, King's Highway Church, Eldoret

L2L Kenya Board member, Site Liaison Manager
Solomon Mukunza - Pastor, Neema Centre of Praise, Nakuru

International Leadership
Board Chair
Brian Carney - Executive Director, Blue Sea Philanthropy; formerly Development Director, International Teams Canada, owner of financial services firm.
Shelley Donald - Self-employed; formerly a forensic accountant at Manulife Financial Canada.

Board Members:

Nell Maxwell - Co-Director, Age2Age (intergenerational ministry); formerly founder and president of Women Alive; honorary doctorate, Tyndale University.

Shelley Donald - Currently our Treasurer/Secretary - formerly a forensic accountant at Manulife Financial Canada.

Paul Fletcher - Staff member at Vision Ministries Canada; board member of International Teams Canada and HCJB Canada.

Todd Jones - Proprietor of Muskoka Furniture.


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