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Our 'virtual faculty' is an eclectic mix of wonderful teachers.

Some are pleasingly old-fashioned, while others engage our contemporary culture in ways that traditionalists may find confusing. Some are Baptist, some Presbyterian, some Pentecostal, some non-denominational. They represent varying positions on hot-button topics such as spiritual gifts or the endtimes. But they all commit unequivocally to the inspired Scripture as God's one and only standard for correct belief and practice.

It is our opinion that hearing a cross-section of approaches and interpretations builds critical-thinking skills in our students - many of us too prefer to hear both sides of a discussion, even though we'll settle on one. But the more you listen to the teaching on our curriculum, the more you come to love the Word of God and be fired up about the Church's mission in our world. It's a powerful collection.

These teachers have agreed to be part of our teaching 'faculty': (i.e. they have agreed that we may use their teaching in our LBI program)

Charles PriceCharles Price
Charles Price is the Senior Pastor Of People's Church, Toronto, and prior to that was Principal of Capernwray Bible School in England. He has written 7 books and preached in over 75 countries.

R.C. SproulR.C. Sproul
R.C. Sproul, founder and head of Ligonier Ministries in Florida, has authored more than 60 books, served as a seminary professor and pastor, and is in frequent demand as a conference speaker.

David PawsonDavid Pawson
David Pawson was a pastor for years in England, first in the Methodist Church and then as a Baptist. For many years now he has travelled the globe teaching the Bible, and his audio and video teaching spreads even further. He has written more than 30 books.

Helen RoseveareHelen Roseveare
Helen Roseveare was a medical missionary in Zaire (now DRC) for 20 years, and has since been a speaker around the world - including 3 times at the Urbana Conference. She has written at least 10 books.

Rick WarrenRick Warren
Rick Warren is Lead Pastor of Saddleback Church in California. His book The Purpose Driven Life sold more than 30 million copies, and he has written several others. He heads up the Purpose Driven Network, a global alliance of pastors from 162 countries.

Eugene PetersonEugene Peterson
Eugene Peterson is a pastor, writer, and professor. He translated the colloquial English version of The Bible called The Message, authored more than 30 books, and for years was Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College, Vancouver.

James MacDonaldJames MacDonald
James MacDonald is Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, Illinois, and leader of the worldwide Harvest Chapel movement. He is a noted radio speaker and the author of a dozen books.

John PiperJohn Piper
John Piper is the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis and leads the organization called 'Desiring God' after his best-known book. He has written over 30 books.

J. Oswald SandersJ. Oswald Sanders
J. Oswald Sanders, a New Zealander, headed the China Inland Mission (now Overseas Missionary Fellowship) for years. He authored more than 40 books, and taught at conferences around the world.

Alan VincentAlan Vincent
Alan Vincent, an English scientist who went to India as a missionary after his conversion, now lives in Texas. He has a ministry around the world as a conference speaker and pastoral mentor, and is also a published author.

Tim KellerTim Keller
Dr. Tim Keller is pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, author of five books, and a frequent voice for the more contemporary side of orthodox evangelical Christianity.

Eric AlexanderEric Alexander
Eric Alexander was a minister in the Church of Scotland his entire working life. Now retired, he continues his ministry of speaking at conferences throughout the world.

Mark DriscollMark Driscoll
Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Washington, president of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network, founder of the resource network The Resurgence, and author of many books.

Derek PrinceDerek Prince
Originally a philosophy teacher in England, Prince after his conversion led churches in England, Kenya, Canada and the U.S. He authored dozens of books and was widely sought in charismatic circles for conferences around the world.


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